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West Point Winch Outs & Roll Back Service

This is a picture of a winch outs roll back service in West Point TX.

When it comes to winch outs in West Point TX, the team here at Round Rock Towing Service really know our stuff. We have seen vehicles stuck in sand or mud, stranded after an accident, or which have somehow skidded off road. Whatever has happened, the chances are that we can help.

It’s our pleasure to serve, and you can guarantee we will offer a professional and friendly service every time  – give us a call today, our helpful team is here for you.

Why use a winch out service in West Point Texas

A winch out service is used if your vehicle has become stuck for some reason, either because the surface isn’t suitable for driving, such as thick mud or sand, or because it’s come off the road entirely. A winch is used to get the vehicle back to the road where conditions are better.

We can offer a West Point winch service for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, thanks to our great fleet of recovery and towing vehicles. Whatever has happened, give us a call at Round Rock Towing Service, to see if we can come to help you get moving again.

Rollback tow trucks

Among our fleet we also have rollback tow trucks which look similar to a flatbed truck. However, whereas a flatbed needs a ramp or winch to drag the vehicle onto the bed of the truck, a rollback has a hydraulic system to tilt the bed of the truck and allow the vehicle to be driven or pulled onto it.

In very tight spots these can be helpful, as the winch angle can be varied to maneuver the vehicle to the right angle to load it. If you have a severely damaged vehicle that is stranded or off road this might be the equipment that is best suited to recover it.

What we need to know if you call in for winching or a rollback

We have a few different options for each situation, and our call operator will need to know some basic information to assess the situation and dispatch the right team to help you. We need to know where you are stuck, and how damaged your vehicle is. Obviously, if you know the address of your location in West Point that’s very helpful, but we know this area well, and can locate you using whatever information you can give us.

We will also ask about how far your vehicle is from a paved surface, and if any tires have stayed on the road, so we can assess which equipment will work best for you.

Our winch out and rollback service

Round Rock Towing Service can provide winching and rollback services for anywhere in the West Point TX area. Because you’re likely to need this service after an accident or other incident, giving us a call is a good idea so we can dispatch someone immediately, and let you know when to expect us.

We have typically very fast response times, so you’re not waiting for any longer than you absolutely have to – and can either get your vehicle back on the road if it is safe to drive, or tow you to a mechanic for repairs if not.

Learn More About West Point

West Point is a city in Fayette County, Texas with a total population of approximately 909. West Point, which uses the 979 area code, is located at 29.93567, -97.053344 at an elevation of 272 feet. There are over 330 households and on average there are 2.74 people in each household with a median age of 39.6. The average income in the area is $58,702 and the average home value is $151,900.